confirmation ce samedi 24 avril rassemblement des ANONYMOUS de paris

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confirmation ce samedi 24 avril rassemblement des ANONYMOUS de paris

Message  weasel le Ven 23 Avr 2010 - 20:04

anonymous de paris rassemblement confirmé 14H
le celebrity center avec tout les accesssoires attention a la grippe et au soleil ...
metro ROME ou BROCHANT accdeessibles par bus 54 et 74
ou 31 et 66
et attention aux petits qui font du "skatte" dans le quartier
et surveillent pourt papa et maman
delation comme on leur a apprit ...

for our foreign friends
the anonymous from paris will be there for a demo
from 2pm to 3PM
the meeting spot is 69 rue legendre 75017
north west paris nearby place de clichy for dutch fags
you can get there by bus 54 from gare du nord for our belgian or british fags
bus 74 from chatelet les halles for all fags
bus 31 from gare de l'est for german fags
bus66 from gare st lazarre for fags from normandy
don't forget your medical supplies or guy fawkes
and tommorrow might be sunny so you gonna need your shades and mirror ?
and cameras
caeks will be supplied at the end of this very demo
see ya all tomorrow fags
winky weasel
we will take care of our "lil' following trolls" we 've got watchers in action tomorrow they are on different spots and even very very "close"
they are gonna make pictures too .. geek wanky weasel


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